img_2560We specialize in the treatment of complex, multi-layered problems that affect many areas life: relationships, physical and emotional trauma, and finding meaning and joy in a personal mission.

We believe in an integrative team approach that takes into account the “whole” person: mind, body, spirit.

Clients make a first appointment with any professional on our team and have access to insights and care from all. We believe there are many paths to wellness and there is no wrong way to start.

We strive to collaborate with each client’s support system and involved professionals (eg. prescribing doctors and nurse practitioners, faith leaders, caretakers and families).

We address problems like chronic pain, individual and relationship difficulties, digestive and mobility issues, body image and weight concerns, emotional and physical trauma, and life and family transitions. We love what we do, and we see beautiful results in the lives of our clients every day. Call today and let’s start you on the path to a brighter tomorrow!

-Chrissy Bensen, LMFT, Founder and Director of bStill