Marriage and Couple’s Therapy

Are you and your partner at a breaking point? Has communication broken down? You might be feeling angry, sad, or hopeless.  You feel stuck, or disconnected, and you’ve tried everything. And yet- there is still a spark of hope, and you are willing to work hard and try a different way of communicating. You and your partner are ready to change.You want to know you are in good hands. Owner Chrissy Bensen is a Colorado Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who provides professional couple and marital therapy offerings at both Woodland Park Colorado and Colorado Springs Colorado. Chrissy has been practicing in Emotion Focused Therapy since 2013, and has continually pursued advanced practice and study.  Emotion Focused couple therapy (EFT) is empirically sound and based on creating a lasting, secure attachment. It’s not an “easy” or shallow fix: This work is designed to provide a genuine, lasting, and deep relationship.


Many people fear couple therapy because they expect that it may be judgemental, high stress, and about the therapist blaming one partner over the other.  Maybe you have had a bad experience in the past.  Unfortunately, many psychotherapists have not trained extensively to work with couples and families- and it shows in their work!  With Chrissy, and her team, you will be working with highly trained and skilled family therapists who strive to ensure that all family members are respected and understood.